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Client Testimonials

Steve Mutton, General Manager

After finding them online in December 2021 and making a cold call to them, the team at Access Security & Control have been excellent to deal with.

They have a professional approach to sales; actually listen to our requirements; pitch quality, scalable and cost effective solutions; and provide a friendly, efficient and reliable installation and maintenance team.

I highly recommend the Access Security & Control team!

Management, Cavendish Medical Centre

“Professional, efficient and careful. Great team.”

by Google user

“ASC has been managing our Protégé access control for several years now, the system is still working really well and they are prompt at getting to site if we need any maintenance or updates.”

Louise Westerlund-Maifea, Cavendish Medical Centre

“ASC manage our Protégé Access Control and quarterly PPM service. They are prompt, efficient and professional team. The service is second to none and I highly recommend them.”

Nathan Ryan, Wiri Oil Services

“I have been impressed with their ability to remain flexible and limit the disruption to site, as well as following the conditions of their work permit. I have been particularly impressed with the Engineering Team. They have been very helpful in working with Wiri Oil Services to get the system working as specified and to provide solutions. They answered all my questions in a way that I could understand.”

Management, Dulux Auckland

“Responded to our request in a very timely manner”

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Business security is essential to profitability

Today, more than ever, security is crucial to your Auckland business. Staff safety, the protection of assets, information, stock and cash, controlling access and monitoring activity all affect your business. Efficient security systems allow your business to operate and to grow with confidence.

Whether it is security, health and safety or confidentiality, if your business needs to ensure that only the right people or vehicles are in the right place at the right time, contact Access Security & Control.

We tailor a system to you and cater to customers in both Auckland and many other areas of the North Island, New Zealand. With a huge range of commercial solutions for every need, we can be relied on to secure your business.

Elements of an efficiently Secured Area

There are three common types of installations that will help dramatically improve the security of a business

1. CCTV Security Cameras

Camera systems are a fantastic deterrent to thieves and provide peace of mind for management when it comes to unattended stock or high-value equipment. CCTV cameras can be mounted in a wide range of locations in both prominent positions as a deterrent, or inconspicuously to capture footage covertly. We install the highest quality camera systems that have a wide range of modern features, have fantastic resolution and provide an indisputable record of events when things do go wrong.

2. Access Control Systems

Knowing and controlling the locations of people around your premises is critical, especially given current strict health and safety requirements. Access control systems are a sitewide security solution and can utilise access cards, biometric finger readers, or keypads to make sure personnel only get where they need to be. These systems are very modular and can be installed in the smallest of storerooms or the largest of manufacturing facilities, down to your requirements.

3. Automated Barriers, Gates & Turnstiles

Being able to control the movement of vehicles and personnel outdoors is critical. Nothing will compare to a gate when it comes to stopping entry to your premises. There are several solutions to this, including automated sliding or swing gatesTurnstiles are a fantastic solution for controlling people moving through an access point, and barrier arms work very well as a lower cost and fast solution to vehicle movement control.

Each of the above components can be seamlessly integrated to provide a comprehensive security solution for your business.

Typical Access Control System Components

Most systems will have a combination of components around an area, all linked together to make building access seamless.

Access Cards / Tags / Fobs / Swipes

These are the most cost-effective and convenient way to secure your Auckland business. With a range of programmable functions, these can be combined with a standard ID card, and simply printed over the top.

Access cards can be enabled and disabled remotely and don’t need an internal battery, so they are durable and can operate for years without any need for maintenance.

Card Readers

Generally positioned around doors and accessways, these emit a signal that reads access cards presented to them. Modern security standards ensure these cards cannot be easily duplicated and are a reliable way to control who can get in and out of your doors.

Utilising Bluetooth technology, you can now open the door with your mobile phone on selected readers.

Control Panel

The control panel of an access control system is usually positioned centrally and sends commands to and from door readers, and records the movements of people from those readers.

As a standard, we always power these crucial components with ample battery backup, so even during power failures, your security will continue as normal.

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