Access Control

Controlling movement through doors, traffic barriers, turnstiles and gates, and access to secure areas is fundamental to secure management of a business. We offer a variety of access control systems to suit your business.

Integrated Security Systems

Why An Access Control System?

Modern access control systems are able to integrate completely with all your building management, allowing you to control a vast array of parameters, including;

  • Who is where and when
  • Building air conditioning and climate control
  • Payroll integration
  • Custom user access levels
  • Access expiry timeframes
  • Comprehensive reporting of who was where and when

Many systems also allow

  • Custom notifications on alarm trigger
  • Live video to your device on alarm trigger
  • Automatic photography of users as they enter an area

The consolidation of multiple credentials into a single secure smart card with a choice of authentication procedures is also possible. There are a number of time and attendance packages available that interface with these systems.

These systems are hosted on either a central or distributed control network, and can handle in many cases infinite numbers of card readers, door controllers and electronic locks.

Users of these systems can be enrolled biometrically using their fingerprints, using contactless access cards, using memorised key codes, or any combination of the above. This allows incredible levels of security, especially when combined with a CCTV system. This level of security can be tailored to the specific requirements of each area, building or customer, with an infinite number of options for design and configuration.


Access Control Products

Some of the products we install

Example use case

A manufacturing complex wants to streamline their employee access to various areas after becoming frustrated with physical keyed doors throughout. The facility needs to control access to a clean room, where only those with up to date health and safety qualifications can enter, along with clearance from a manager.

The facility needs to be able to restrict after hours access to specific employees based on their normal shift hours, and also manage occasional contractors on site.

An access control system would be ideal for this application, allowing full control over user access, with easily configurable user levels, and windows when access can be granted.

Doors can be fitted with card readers and electronic locks, which can be triggered to release on exit or in the event of a fire alarm, however can also be set up to still work with keyed mechanical locks.

After users complete the relevant qualifications, they can also be set to temporary elevated access, which expires when the expiration day of the relevant H&S qualification expires for example. Contractor access cards can also be set up to only work during the day, or expire each day to protect from these being inadvertently removed from the site.

As you can see, the number of configurations is almost limitless, and can be tailored in a way that allows your staff to focus on the job at hand, rather than focusing on who should be where and when. If you have a similar application you would like to discuss, do get in contact, We’ll be happy to provide no obligation advice, or refer you to the best product or system for your need.

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