Biometric Authentication

Modern biometric control is now incredibly accurate, convenient, affordable and offers a great level of control.


  • Fast, these terminals work in as little as 0.5 seconds
  • No smart cards need to be handed out and collected
  • Very secure, a face or thumb cannot be duplicated or shared with a colleague
  • User friendly

No longer are plastic access cards a necessity, personnel, visitors and staff can all be managed using a variety of biometric entry methods.


COVID-19 contactless access

If you are concerned about contact with customers or personnel and also need to maintain the security of your facility, biometric information offers a great contactless alternative to traditional keypads and access cards in your business.

We have a range of contactless access systems that can be installed to minimise contact between your personnel.

  • Facial recognition contactless entry terminals
  • Intercom systems for remote communication
  • General automation solutions for your business

These systems are fantastic for minimising transmission risk during a coronavirus epidemic, but will also optimise your business, reduce waiting times, and enhance security long after installation.

Keeping People Safe

Temperature Monitoring is Critical in the Post-Pandemic/Herd Immunity Environment
For scientists tracking the pandemic, the hope of reaching herd immunity is becoming more and more unlikely, even with the extensive vaccine regimes.

With the low vaccination uptakes, flu seasons and the new variants of COVID, there is a greater awareness and recognition of the need to Keep People Safe and Feel Safe In The Community – whether it be when entering a school, hospital, office building, restaurant, or pub.

Increased measures to prevent the spread of disease are important in the “new environment” and health services have been at the forefront of this. The global consensus is that temperature scanning solutions will be used as general gateway health monitors even if COVID-19 were defeated. Temperature monitoring has become an important resource to prevent and contain viral outbreaks, such as COVID-19.

We can assist with Standalone Facial Recognition with early Body Temperature Screening or alternatively, we can Integrate this ground-breaking technology into your Existing Access Control system – extremely competitively.

Biometric Access Options

There are a range of ways that biometric data can be used to authenticate personnel, but three have proved reliable, repeatable and are now becoming used increasingly widely in security.

  • Facial recognition
  • Finger reader
  • Infrared palm scanning

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is now widely used on many of our smartphones and uses a variety of visual light and infrared cameras to gauge the shape and depth of a user’s face. Modern deep learning algorithms are then able to identify features and facial shapes from those images and can even match faces from a range of different angles.

These systems are robust to hats, glasses, and other accessories and can even match faces wearing surgical masks.

Fingerprint readers

Fingerprint readers are also commonplace on smartphones and usually use a capacitive sensor to read the unique patterns found in our fingerprints. These are also very reliable and are incredibly fast, matching a fingerprint in just a fraction of a second. Fingerprint readers are often built into a range of modern card readers and facial recognition terminals available today.

Infrared palm scanning

Humans also have very unique patterns of blood vessels running throughout their bodies. An infrared palm scanner can read the shape of these from inside your hand, and match them as they would with a fingerprint that has been enrolled in the system.

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