Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is becoming the industry standard for automating intruder detection, reducing false alarms, and producing customised alerts for specific scenarios.

Advances in computer vision technology mean these modules are available today for installation. We install Hikvision modules which allow you to program personnel whitelists, blacklists and everything in between.


Facial recognition is now widely used on many of our smartphones and uses a variety of visual light and infrared cameras to gauge the shape and depth of a user’s face. Modern deep learning algorithms are then able to identify features and facial shapes from those images and can even match faces from a range of different angles.

These systems are robust to hats, glasses and other accessories and can even match faces wearing surgical masks.

How could facial recognition technology benefit your business?

Biometric Facial Recognition


Traditional access control is now a thing of the past, facial recognition can now be installed on any door, turnstile or access point throughout your premises. Access can be granted in as little as 0.5 seconds and no contact from the user is necessary at all.


Camera systems can have facial recognition built-in, and allow an individual to be automatically tracked around a complex if desired.

Time and attendance

Staff and contractors can now sign in and out, and log their time on-site directly through a facial recognition terminal.

Personnel blacklisting

Facial recognition allows specific individuals to be blacklisted, and for alerts to be sent if they appear at any point throughout a complex.

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