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Electronic locks are the industry standard for managing access to your premises with a wide range of options available for all kinds of doors and gates. Electronic locks allow remote control over who accesses premises, recording how often personnel enter an area but most importantly allow full integration with a comprehensive security system that enables even more advanced features.

Access Security and Control can supply the perfect electronic locks for your premises and provide a free consultation and quote to help you identify the perfect solutions for your business.


Advantages of electronic locks over traditional keys

  • No more lost keys
  • Allows remote access control of an area
  • Very durable, with fewer moving parts
  • Safe

Lost Keys

Handing out physical keys inevitably leads to them not being returned, lost, and means you no longer know who has access to your building. When access cards are misplaced, they can be disabled, completely eliminating this threat

Remote access

Electronic locks can be connected to a central access control system, allowing you to enforce specific access areas for various personnel, and use the same key throughout a site, rather than carrying a keychain with you at all times.


Maglocks, for example, have zero moving parts, no barrels, pins or tumblers. This means they will not wear out over time as its mechanical counterpart might.


Electronic locks can be set up to automatically release in the event of an evacuation or fire and can have any number of programmable triggers integrated to cope with specific emergencies.

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Type of Locks

Mag Locks

Magnetic (Mag) locks are also a fantastic tool in site security, providing a fully automated yet discreet solution to controlling access in an area.

Maglocks use an electromagnetic field to hold a door closed and therefore have no moving parts, require very little maintenance, and operate very well in a variety of applications. Our range of products can provide up to 1200kg of holding force to a door, with very low power consumption. These products contain sensors that integrate fully with any access control or security system.


  • Highly durable with no moving parts
  • Very low power consumption
  • Simple and low-cost installation
  • Holding force that will outperform the door

Mortice Locks

New Zealand has been a front runner in the design of many electronic locks, now used internationally.

Doors are usually more secure if the lock can be installed in the centre edge of the door. The Lockwood mortice, manufactured in Melbourne, is a friendly lock that always allows free egress in the event of a fire. The Cobalt is a more recent product and there is now an electronic lock for every situation.

Electric Strikes

Electric strikes replace the traditional strike faceplate in a door, and can often be used to add electronic control to a traditional door with a mechanical lock in place.

This means a door can both be opened electronically, or with a mechanical key. An electric strike interfaces with the deadlatch on the door, and can simply rotate away from the doorframe to allow the latch to pass through. These locks are fast, and allow a door to be pushed open in milliseconds.

Common in applications where an emergency door release is required, these are a great retrofit solution for any area.


  • Very durable
  • Few moving components
  • Fast
  • Can be installed with fail-safes built in
  • Quality stainless steel construction

Access Security and Control can install each of these systems in a configuration tailored to your business’ needs. Get in contact now for a quote.

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