Integrated Alarms & Access Control

An access control system is one of the best measures that can be taken to improve the security of a building. Such systems have been proven to protect secure data, be a strong deterrent for criminals, reduce employee theft, and provide unparalleled control over who enters and exits any area.

Access Security & Control specialise in the installation of such systems and can recommend installing and maintaining a variety of state of the art equipment to keep your Auckland business safe.

Integrated Security Systems

The controllers we install are capable of monitoring multiple elements of your building’s security, such as intruder alarms, access control, CCTV activity and building management.

Access control provides the ultimate solution to ensuring only authorized individuals or vehicles can enter, exit and gain contact with your resources.

We sell and install a range of high-quality systems which provide a broad range of functionality for the unique requirements of each customer.

Available features include:

  • Unlimited user management
  • Automation of entry systems
  • Control of user access to specific areas
  • Integration with building HVAC systems
  • Simple, easy to use web interfaces for adjusting settings and user management

Such systems mean you are no longer issuing keys to large numbers of individuals, with no control over who or when they are used. With guaranteed peace of mind over who can get into your business.

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