Smart Card & Tag Technology
A smart card, tag or fob is a plastic card with an embedded microchip that can be programmed for different applications. This provides a huge range of advantages in work environment access control, convenience and data acquisition.

Swipe card systems provide quick access for a user to any area of their choosing. They are fast, flexible, easy to manage and can be used to streamline access in and around your business;

Applications for these cards include:

  • Providing residents of a secure apartment building with lobby, room, lift and basement access.
  • Allowing employees to tag into work, and also access secure areas with their personal card.
  • Recording the location of visitors to secure sites.
  • Controlling access to company car parks.

Access Security and Control have installed a wide range of smart card systems in businesses, schools, churches and many more across the Auckland area. Take a look at some of our recent projects for a few examples.

Cards are reloadable and can be periodically refreshed for new users. Such card systems are used in parallel with a range of access control systems and are very common in a variety of applications. Modern RFID technology ensures they cannot be duplicated. The maximum effective distance (read range) for standard cards is around 100mm.

Access Security & Control sells and supports high-quality card printers and printed cards. Get in contact today to discuss your individual requirements.

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