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Cameras Are One Of The Most Effective Security Measures Available

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  • Easy to use
  • Reliable footage
  • Access via smartphone

Cameras play an ever-increasing role in business security – in entrance lobbies, at roller doors, and at entrances. No one likes being watched, but bona fide visitors value the security. Security cameras can cover large areas, taking in both entrances and exits. They provide a strong deterrent before any incident and valuable evidence after the fact.

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Common Cases Where CCTV Is Necessary

In many cases, CCTV systems can be a quick fix to a range of problems;

  • Staff theft
  • Vandalism
  • Peace of mind for management
  • Having recorded footage for later review

If your stock is continually going missing and you suspect theft, a range of camera systems can identify a culprit, and prevent follow up incidents.

Camera systems can be installed in prominent positions to provide a visual deterrent to thieves. They can also be installed discreetly, allowing any dishonest activity to continue, all recorded on camera.

IP CCTV System Features

Access Security & Control install high quality, reliable IP camera systems with modern features.

These features include:

  • Licence plate recognition
  • Smart target tracking
  • Night vision
  • Ability to review footage from a smart device in both real-time or a later date
  • Manual camera direction override.

These systems are also capable of sending an email or text message to a recipient when an event such as detection of movement occurs.

The Hikvision NVRs now come equipped with Licence Plate Recognition (LPR). The licence plate cameras are not expensive. You can then generate a report which shows all licence plates that have come on the premises.

One of the outstanding features on this camera is Smart Tracking. You select a start point and the camera will identify and follow a person or car moving through that point.

Most NVRs are capable of sending an email or text message to a recipient when an event such as detection of movement occurs.

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Features Of A Modern Camera System

Modern camera systems are simply not comparable to those you may have previous experience with. On top of having a great resolution, along with performance in high and low light conditions, cameras also come with a large number of other features.

Motion Recording

Cameras can be set to only record when motion is detected, which saves considerable hard drive space in a recorder and also reduces the amount of time required to review footage. No one wants to watch an empty room for twelve hours.

Facial Detection

Facial recognition is also now common in the industry, allowing identification of specific individuals and triggering actions such as alerting security when such a person is identified.

Automatic Tracking

CCTV pan-tilt cameras can also be set up to surveil a large 360-degree area, automatically rotating to identify movement. These systems pose a significant threat to thieves and are a strong deterrent to any attack.

Key Considerations When Installing A Camera System

While cameras are a fantastic solution, there are some cases where they may not be your best option. IP cameras are best suited to medium detail applications that require wide area coverage. Applications that require close up inspection, or staff to be alerted when people enter a specific area might best be addressed via handheld cameras, or access control systems using a turnstile.

Critical considerations when choosing a camera are its ability to operate in low light conditions and resolution – the ability of the camera to reproduce images with as many details as possible. Understanding the required resolution and frame rates is also key. High resolution and frame rate cameras will provide fantastic footage but will consume considerable amounts of space to store.

The position and angle of a camera are also very important, ensuring that the mounting location provides consistent lighting and is not easily accessible on foot. Factors such as ease of cable routing and installation access also will impact the ease of maintenance and installation costs of an IP camera system.

These are all factors Access Security & Control take into account when considering the design of your CCTV system.

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