Automatic Number Plate Recognition


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is now an essential addition to any carpark or high-security facility.

An ANPR system will automatically handle carparks that need to control which cars have been present, who have paid for parking and when vehicles arrive and leave.


  • Save customers time and add convenience with automated payment tracking and billing.
  • Restrict entry to specific vehicles such as trucks or heavy vehicles
  • Reduce reliance on manned guard stations
  • Eliminate safety risks from your premises automatically
  • Capture images of the vehicle as well as the license plate

While ANPR cameras are usually seen on highway toll roads, they also allow you to optimise your business car parking areas. Maintaining records of vehicle movements within your facility also greatly increases security and means you can store images of the vehicle and its occupants along with the license plate

The Hikvision DeepinView Ultra-Low Light Outdoor LPR Bullet Camera is designed to capture vehicle images and recognize license plate numbers in a variety of lighting conditions.


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