Entry Management

Letting visitors, contractors and employees into your premises used to be a breeze, but given new health and safety legislation, there are now a few more boxes to check to keep your personnel and premises under control.

We offer a wide range of solutions that automate these processes, to save your Auckland business time, money and headache.

Entry management options

There are a number of modern options for entry management.

  • Swipe card systems
  • Facial recognition terminals
  • Keypad based systems.
  • Complete management systems using smartphones.

Time & Attendance

Intercom Systems

Health & Safety

Hybrid Biometric Time & Attendance

Facial Recognition | Fingerprint | Palm | Swipe Tag

We offer a broad range of Multi/Hybrid Biometric Time & Attendance devices which offer flexible features from basic Time Sheets to advanced Payroll integration.

We’ve partnered with New Zealand’s most advanced Payroll Provider, AgriSmart / TimeSmart with one login to manage everything. Run payroll with a mix of variable hours, salaries, piece rates, and pay rates linked to activity codes, productivity incentives, and bonuses. Experience an integrated solution built for your industry that saves payroll managers up to 24 hours a week.

A complete, all-encompassing health and safety package that integrates into an access control system or operates independently.

Complete software systems

If you would like a site-wide visitor management system, complete with tablets for sign in that help with existing and new users, we offer the Healthsafe SecurePass management system.

This system offers a complete management solution, from managing staff and contractor sign in and out, to ensure all health and safety training is up to date before allowing entry.

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