Time & Attendance

Time Clocks

Manage your employee time:

  • Easy access using the web interface: edit employees, clocking, hours and leave
  • The software adds functionality – shift rostering, payroll balancing and job costing. It comes with 50 time and attendance reports.
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
  • Export to Payroll

Use as a standalone clock and download clockings and hours into Excel with a USB Thumb Drive.

Connect to your network or the internet and manage your employee time and attendance from the built-in web interface. Export information directly to Excel.
Add, change or remove employees, clockings, leave and card / PIN numbers. View daily and payroll hours. Export all this information to a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel.

The web interface gives you complete control over the clock’s configuration.
This clock can calculate an employee’s total time between the first IN and the last OUT or it will calculate overtime and flexi time with employee schedules. Shift features include: overtime balancing, rounding, sick, leave and holiday hours and flexi time. Manage your employee absenteeism by capturing leave. You can even capture partial leave days.

Biometric Facial Recognition Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance can be used with tag or biometric fingerprint or touchless facial recognition technology.

Time & Attendance Hardware

Hikvision Facial Recognition for Time and Attendance

Facial recognition now allows a fast, flexible time and attendance solution for employers, with an unprecedented level of security.

No longer can an employee tag a colleague in at work by borrowing in their card, or tag them out later. A Hikvision facial recognition terminal handles time and attendance, all in one standalone unit.

In addition to facial recognition capability, these units include;

  • Mifare swipe card readers
  • Fingerprint readers
  • A 5-inch touchscreen panel
  • Pin code access

Facial recognition operates at an accuracy level of 99% and has a standard operating range of 0.3m to 1m

These terminals allow employees to quickly and securely sign in and out of work, log breaks and also overtime all at the push of a button on the touch panel.

Export and Manage all your employee data automatically

Secure your business today