ZKTeco Time & Attendance Software

ZKTeco BioTime 8.5 (AU)

Time & Attendance Software

ZKBio Time 8.5 (AU) is a powerful time attendance software that provides a stable communication of up to thousands of time and attendance devices which can be remotely managed anywhere by accessing the software using a web browser.

It is equipped with competitive functions such as visitor management, meeting schedule, roster, and overtime management which simplify the entire scheduling process of employees, built-in API to connect on client’s 3rd-party software, database migration, bio photo, and geofencing mobile punches.

ZKTeco BioTime 8.5 (AU) Mobile Application

Private Cloud Time and Attendance System

  • Easy Operation: Maximum two-step navigation
  • Real-time attendance with geographic location details
  • Real-Time notifications and updates
  • Attendance approvals by the Admin or Approver
  • Online employee requests and status
  • Easily displays the timetable and shift schedule
  • Public and private announcements
  • User-friendly interfaces for Admin and employees

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