Gate & Barrier Automation

Gate Automation

An automated gate is essential in an busy or high security area. Access Security & Control can provide your Auckland business with a complete installation and maintenance service, to exactly the degree you require

  • Power and data cable routing from building to gate site
  • Reader and bollard installation
  • Design and manufacture of a range of high security yet aesthetic, modern gates
  • Gate foundation installation
  • Gate installation and maintenance.
  • Fast replacement of components, in the event of damage from heavy trucks or equipment.

Our automatic gate systems can be fitted to existing gates or new gates.  They can swing or slide and have one or more leaves with automation fitted. Safety is paramount with automatic equipment and all our systems can be fitted with safety beams, ground loops and pedestrian barriers to eliminate potential for injury.


Sliding GATES


high speed bi-folding GATES


Additional Features

  • Electronic or hydraulic actuation
  • Comprehensive safety systems, including ground loops and safety beams
  • Entrance and exit readers
  • Remote unlock buttons
  • Integration with guard towers

Electronic access control is more cost-effective than employing a security guard.  Exit card readers help prevent car theft, while an exiting ground loop can allow unrestricted egress.

We have extensive experience in installing vehicle access systems all across Auckland and strive to produce the perfect system for your requirements.

Access Security and Control are also able to repair and service a wide range of existing systems all over Auckland to get your business back up and running – get in contact with us now for a free consultation and site visit to discuss your needs.