A turnstile is one of the few forms of gate that allows only one person to pass at a time.

Turnstiles can be uni-directional or bi-directional and can restrict passage to people who insert a coin, a ticket, a pass, or a Smart card.
Turnstiles are sometimes used for counting numbers of people passing through a gate, whether payment is involved or not.

Full height turnstiles offer the only unmanned access system that cannot be compromised.  Stiles are available galvanised or in 304 or 316 stainless.

We offer a large range of customised products and can install a solution for almost any of your specific requirements. As direct importers of turnstiles we also offer an extremely competitive price.

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Products we install

  • ASC2000 Pro Series Turnstile

    Starting from as little as $2500 +GST


  • CAME Guardian

    The full-height CAME system for controlling high-traffic passages FEATURES Guardian is the perfect solution for even unstaffed wide-clearance passages, but with heavy flows of people transiting through. Designed to also be installed outdoors, it is widely used at airports, port … Read More
  • Turnstar Drop Arm Barrier

    Waist height drop arm barrier KEY POINTS Suited for applications requiring medium volume access and medium levels of security Optical safety sensor Brushed stainless steel cabinet with stainless steel or granite top Barrier arm available in stainless steel or polycarbonate … Read More
  • Turnstar Portable Full Height

    A great solution for when temporary personnel control is required

  • Turnstar Titan 3/4 Height

    A great option for all but the highest security applications.

  • Turnstar Titan Full Height Turnstile

    The Titan full height industrial turnstile is a high security turnstile with a very high quality finish, providing a much more aesthetic entrance compared to similar high security alternatives. Key Points – Provides a high level of perimeter security – … Read More
  • Turnstar Titan Half Height Turnstile

    The Titan half height industrial turnstile is a low maintenance means of controlling personnel access through an area. While not as secure as a full height turnstile, the titan half offers a similar level of control without the intimidating appearance … Read More
  • Turnstar Tribune

    The higest security turnstile available on the market today

  • Turnstar Trident

    A great aesthetic solution for your entrance

  • Turnstar Triumph

    The Turnstar Triumph is a full height industrial turnstile, manufactured in South Africa. A full height turnstile is the only way to securely control personnel access throughout your premises. Key Points – Biggest selling turnstile in Africa – Available in … Read More


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316 Stainless Turnstiles with glass wind protection - Oil Refinery, Marsden Point

316 Stainless Turnstiles with canopy - LSG Skychefs, Auckland

Powdercoated Turnstile - Aperio Group

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Pedestrian Gate and 3/4 Height Turnstile - Maungatautari Wildlife Sanctuary