LSG Skychefs

LSG Sky Chefs is owned by Deutsche LSG Lufthansa and has been catering to the airline industry for 70 years.

LSG Skychefs had three specific requirements.  They had two cantilever sliding gates of approximately three metres in length.  They needed these lengthened to just over four metres and refurbished.  Access Security & Control removed them from site, lengthened them, sandblasted and zinc sprayed the gates and then two-pot painted them.  They were then re-installed in their new positions and new high-speed sliding gate drives were fitted.  Finally the gates were protected with two safety ground loops each and recommissioned.

A full height double bi-directional 304 stainless turnstile was supplied and installed.

Two Turnstar Traffic barriers were installed in the carpark – one to control incoming traffic and one for outgoing.

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