We are excited to announce a brand-new tool for our customers! You should now see at the bottom left corner of your screen a button that says ‘Get an instant estimate’.
We have recently developed a new price estimator tool that allows customers to get a price on a customised security system that is very accurate!
We understand getting quick feedback on how much a system will cost is very important to many interested in security systems, especially before deciding how much resource needs to be allocated to a project.

The tool allows customers to select between vehicle automation such as barrier arms and gates, the tool then allows users to specify a range of other factors such as power availability, and add safety systems and extras like remotes and mounting options.

Estimate generator overview graphic

You can also get estimates on access control options, both internally and externally. The system allows you to select how many doors need to be controlled externally to have electronic locks installed, or turnstiles installed externally. A number of authentication methods can also be selected, from standard card readers and keypads, to state of the art facial recognition systems, which are now incredibly affordable. Such systems can in fact be cheaper that an access card system as cards do not need to be assigned to large numbers of users. We can also generate quotes for CCTV systems, considering which type of cameras are best suited to your application, how much storage you need for recording and several other factors. The system then automatically emails you an estimate with a full breakdown of costs. Take a look at the system here! It would be great to get feedback or to hear your thoughts around any other features you would like added to it. If you have any such feedback, please get in contact here. For more information on the system, click here.