A keypad allows user access via pin to a secure area, usually mounted near an entrance, these connect to an access control system to authenticate personnel who wish to enter or exit an area.

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  • Sebury W8 Keypad

    The Sebury W8 features an anti-vandal and waterproof design. It supports PIN and 125KHZ swipe card access, has 3 optional access modes and is usually installed in a range of external environments where there is a need for high level … Read More
  • Protege Alphanumeric LCD Keypad

    This alphanumeric LCD Keypad provides a great user friendly human interface to your access control system

  • Protege Touchscreen Keypad

    The ideal solution to creating an outstanding user experience

  • Protege Touch Sense LCD Keypad

    The Protege Touch Sense LCD Keypad provides a sleek, user friendly human interface to the Protege Integrated System, an advanced technology security product providing seamless and powerful integration of access, security and building automation. Key Points Sleek and stylish, the … Read More