Sliding gates are robust and more secure than their swinging alternatives, they are also ideal for tight spaces. We provide a range of gates and motors to meet the needs of your business.

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    The ideal solution for sliding gates at busy venues or industrial entrances Suitable for gates up to 2200 kg FEATURES A complete, flexible and safe range to meet different needs, from industrial to heavy-duty operating conditions. Module 4 or 6 … Read More

    A High-performance solution, ideal for large sliding and industrial gates in continuous duty conditions. For gates up to 2500 kg FEATURES Range designed for high-performance and functionality in complete safety, for a variety of uses, even industrial, and continuous duty. … Read More
  • Sommer Starter

    The compact sliding gate operator

  • Sommer RUNner

    The powerful sliding gate operator The RUNner also fulfils the high requirements of industrial gate systems. Like the STArter, it is sturdy, resilient, corrosion-resistant, safe, reliable and operation is quiet. For sliding gates with 8 m width a gate weight … Read More
  • Sommer SM 40 T

    The powerful SM 40 T can be used anywhere and is particularly quick and easy to install. For sliding gates with a travel length of up to 12 m and a gate weight of 600 kg. Product advantages Smooth-running and … Read More
  • Sommer DS 600/DS 1200

    Our strongest sliding gate operators. The ultimate in strength and durability.

  • Sommer SP 900

    A beautifully aesthetic, post integrated sliding gate motor