Vehicle barriers are essential in the protection of your premises, and are often the first impression to those evaluating the security of your business.

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  • RIB Stopper

    The STOPPER is a new chain barrier for controlling park areas and passageways up to 20 m wide The complete system STOPPER (1 STOPPER MASTER+1 STOPPER SLAVE) features two 24V motors which can lift a chain weighing up to 8,5 … Read More
  • Gooseneck Reader Mount Post

    Mount your card readers and keypads on a gooseneck, also known as a pedestal or reader mount post. These are made of solid galavanised steel and can be made to a range of heights, and colours. Several readers can also … Read More
  • CAME G6 Removable Bollard

    Features Material:    11mm average thick cast-iron material Zinc-based primer as standard reinforcing corrosion-resistance Finition:    Matt finish thermosetting polyester powder top coat (RAL7016 standard) Display device:    Class II reflective band(white) Fixator:    The FIXATOR® is concreted into the ground and the bollard … Read More
  • CAME G6 Automatic Vehicle Bollard

    G6: AUTOMATIC, automatic retractable bollards made to manage access both public and private streets The bollard is managed by an access control system and is actuated down by the user (remote control, contactless card, keypad, etc.) clearing the way for … Read More
  • CAME CAT Chain Barrier

    A great, unobtrusive solution to vehicle control.

  • Talon Tyre Spike Automatic Vehicle Barrier

    The Talon automatic spike vehicle barrier is a sure fire way to prevent access in emergency circumstances. The Talon is guaranteed to cripple a vehicle and is the last resort in preventing both entry or escape. KEY POINTS – High … Read More
  • Shield Automatic Road Blocker

    The Shield automatic rising road blocker provides high security access prevention to a range of applications and raises and lowers very quickly, allowing both high thoroughfares while discouraging any kind of devious attack. APPLICATION Suited for applications requiring uncompromisingly high … Read More
  • Guardian Automatic Hydraulic Bollard

    Automatic rising bollard for high security vehicle access prevention Applications Suited for applications requiring uncompromisingly high levels of security. Used extensively in applications such as embassies, consulates, military installations, airports, railway stations, bus stations, ports, oil & gas refineries and … Read More
  • Turnstar Traffic Master Automatic

    The Turnstar Traffic Master Automatic is one of the most common industrial vehicle barriers used internationally and is built to rugged quality specifications. Perfect for low security environments Key Points The TRAFFIC MASTER is New Zealand’s preferred solution for vehicular … Read More
  • Turnstar Velocity Automatic

    The Turnstar Velocity is the current cutting edge option in the barrier arm market, with a host of modern features such as automatic collision detection, brushless motor drive and embedded microcontrollers. The velocity is built to last and comes with a 24 month warranty.