Healthsafe SecurePass

A complete, all-encompassing health and safety package that integrates into an access control system or operates independently.

Healthsafe SecurePass™ is the future of Staff, Visitor and Contractor management technology which is designed to protect people and businesses along with saving lives. This commercial off-the-shelf SaaS system is built around simplicity and ease of use which is highly customisable, scalable and feature rich.

SecurePass™ has been designed with multiple requirements in mind which include health and safety, security, risk management, governance, facility management and emergency management





Geo Fencing Sign In for Contractors and Automated Sign Out

SecurePass™ allows your approved contractors to sign in and sign out of your properties instantly. Utilising Geo fencing technology, contractors receive a notification prompting them to sign in when they enter a set area around the respective property which removes the need to manually sign in at a designated area. Upon leaving the property, the contractor is automatically signed out by Geo fencing.

Visibility and Transparency Into Your Daily Business Operations

Designated Company Admin personnel can access all business information and dashboard reporting, perform the customisation of health and safety instructions, monitoring of contractor, visitor and staff activity, accessing of a detailed log of contractor activities over seven years and the receiving of emergency and alert notifications.

Health and Safety Due Diligence

Visitors and contractors are aware of the health and safety and fire compliance requirements for your business. Each person is required to read and accept your Company Induction, Evacuation Plan, Hazard Identification process and to view the Hazard Register before entering the premises. Customised company messaging also be simply created by Company Admin.

Contractor Verification

Contractors using the SecurePass™ mobile application are required to follow a simple first time contractor registration procedure. During this process, your approved contractors receive GPS sign in and QR code verification with a 4-digit pin code which must be used upon their entry.

Contractor Time and Attendance

Automated sign in and sign out of approved contractors supports contractor time and attendance. SecurePass™ allows for the cross-checking and verification of contractor hours charged at any time with advanced filtering and search capabilities.

Multi-site Management 

SecurePass™ provides the capability for Managers to simultaneously view multiple properties on a local, regional or national level. This supporting feature serves as a crucial platform in the case of a nationwide emergency or disaster situation as key information is immediately available regarding onsite visitors, staff and contractors on your properties.