Electronic Locking

Lockwood Padde Series Wall and Floor Mounted Hold-Open Magnets

A great solution to the automation of fire doors that do not require full automation.


The EM830 Series of Hold Open Magnets can work as standalone or with an integrated fire system. These failsafe devices will automatically release if connected to a fire detection system.

Some models include integrated “interrupter buttons” giving the ability to open or close the door manually at any time. Other models have an integrated soft close shock absorbers for silent operation i.e. in Hospitals.

Key Features

  • Fail safe operation. Unlocks when power is removed
  • Shock absorber for soft close (model dependent)
  • Integrated Interrupter push button (model dependent)
  • Modern design
  • Silent operation (no humming)
  • Easy install
  • Space bracket for wall mount option standard


Fire Doors that need to close upon fire signal

  • Fire doors
  • Doors that restrict the passage of fire

Non Fire Doors that need to be held open

  • Cinema doors
  • Hospital doors
  • Parameter doors
  • Other doors

Hold open devices are primarily used for fire doors, but not only limited to this application. Other known applications are doors that require to be held open for several hours i.e. with Cabin Hooks. For this application the  device needs constant power and no “smarts” are required.