Electronic Locking

Securitron GL1 Series Gate Locks

A heavy duty Electromechanical Gate Lock for a wide range of gate applications requiring weather resistance.


Electromechanical Gate Solution Offers One Ton of Holding Power

The heavy duty GL1 Electromechanical Gate Lock provides weather-resistant access control for a wide range of gate applications. The GL1 provides over 900kg of holding force for electrical and manually operated indoor or outdoor gates where preload is a concern. Ideal for swinging or sliding Product features vehicle, pedestrian, or stock gate access control.

Product Features

  • 907kg holding force
  • Operates under preload up to 45kg
  • Automatic dual voltage – no field adjustment required
  • Accepts a standard mortise cylinder with Adams Rite MS cam for manual key override (not included, see spacer guide below)
  • Self-aligning receiver (+/- 12mm horizontally) helps compensate for gate misalignment and sag
  • Tamper resistant cast housing
  • Optional latch status monitor
  • Surface mount

Specification Data

  • Holding Force: 907kg
  • Dimensions: 2-3/4″L x 7-1/4″W x 3-1/4″D
  • Electrical:
    • -12 Volts Initial (Peak): (~1.0 sec.) @ 870mA – Reduced: 290mA Power
      Consumption: 3.5 Watts
    • -24 Volts Initial (Peak): (~1.0 sec.) @ 720mA – Reduced: 170mA Power
      Consumption: 4.1 Watts
  • Operating temperature: 50 to +75C
    • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Shipping Weight: 2.72kg
  • Finishes: Black Finish