Turnstar Triumph


The Turnstar Triumph is a full height industrial turnstile, manufactured in South Africa. A full height turnstile is the only way to securely control personnel access throughout your premises.

Key Points

– Biggest selling turnstile in Africa
– Available in single and double configuration
– 3 arm (120°), 4 arm (90°) and 5 arm (72°)
– Interior and exterior installations
– 5 year guarantee


  • Suited for applications requiring high volume access and high levels of security
  • Used extensively in applications such as mines, factories, warehouses and stadia

Designed For

  • Interior and exterior installations
  • Severe operating conditions


  • Can be set to both fail-secure (locked) or fail-safe(unlocked) on power failure
  • 5 year mechanical guarantee
  • Almost zero maintenance required
  • High quality self lubricating bearings for smooth operation

Additional information


3 arm (120°), 4 arm (90°), 5 arm (72°)


Single, Double