Watching over people and property

It’s crucial that your system is monitored twenty-four hours a day.  Alarm monitoring gives you peace of mind and a rapid response to any intrusion.  Your alarm system is permanently linked to monitoring via your telephone line, GSM, the Internet (data connection).

Alarm Monitoring options:

    • RESPONSE CRITICAL– the customer is only contacted when the system is set and there is an activation, system malfunction, or other critical signals.  The setting of the system rests entirely with the client.  This is known as Activation – Unscheduled Open/Close and is the traditional form of remote monitoring normally used in residences.
    • RESPONSE BUSINESS– The customer is contacted when the system is set and there is an activation.  The customer is also contacted after a certain time at night if the system has not been set.  This gives the client the assurance that their alarm is set by a certain time, each night. It is then the customer’s responsibility to action and set their alarm, as the call is once only per day.
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