Top 4 Ways An Access Control System Will Benefit Your Business

As a business owner, keeping your premises secure and running efficiently will likely always be on your mind. No one wants to deal with stock going missing, employees getting where they shouldn't, or contractors walking off site with keys.  Access control systems are now critical for maintaining the security of any facility, large or small. If you want to ensure that your company is working in the most efficient way possible, an access control system is the solution.

Still not convinced? Here are the top four reasons you need to implement an access control system in your business today!

1. Secure Your Business

The best thing about an access control system is that it provides unparalleled security to  you and your employees. Many models will even allow you to trigger a lockdown and set up alarms to protect your business.

Using a quality access control system will ensure you have records of who has access to your sensitive information, who is coming into your building, and will improve the safety of you and your employees at work. No other solution allows complete control over your premises and prevents external threats or intruders.

2. Increase Productivity

One major benefit of an access control system that is often overlooked is its ability to record data and automate your workplace.

A prime example of this is the way an access control system can track employee hours by recognising the exact moment each member of staff as they enter and leave the premises. With the quick and easy swipe of a card, an access control system can record when your employees sign in and out each day. It can then automatically calculate the number of hours worked by each individual which can be exported and used to process payroll at the end of each week.

By knowing when your employees entered the building, where they went throughout the day, and when they left, you’ll be gaining valuable insight into the inner workings of your company. Armed with this information, you can improve productivity, identify opportunities for staff training, or exercise disciplinary action.

3. Save Money

An access control system won’t only save you time, but also money and allow you to reduce costs. Eliminating the ongoing costs of security guards to patrol the premises while also significantly reducing the risk of human error.

In fact, with a quality access control system, you can even eliminate the need for complex key systems. If an employee loses a key, you won’t need to replace all the locks. Instead, you can simply restrict access to the lost card and issue a new one.

An advanced access control system will even allow you to save energy costs by turning off unnecessary lighting and controlling the temperature of the building. All of this can either be set to control itself or can be remotely adjusted with ease.

4. Reduce Employee Theft

In our experience, the installation of an access control system at a business has a significant effect on reducing employee theft. We all hate to admit that it occurs, but in reality, there 95 percent of businesses suffer from theft with 75 percent of employees stealing from their employers at least once.

With an access control system, you’re arming yourself with one of the best deterrents for employee theft. On top of alarm and card access control systems, not only will you be able to limit employee access to certain areas but you can track their whereabouts and easily determine if any foul play or attempted theft occurs.

The Bottom Line

An access control system is an essential tool for any modern-day business. By installing such a system, not only will you be saving your business time and money, but you can also protect your employees and prevent theft and other attacks.

In the end, an access control system will save you from a wide range of security risks, from ensuring only authorised staff are on site to preventing many types of theft. The reports and feedback you’ll receive from an access control system are also extremely useful in improving the efficiency and productivity of your company. Such systems really are useful for any business, big or small, and we are happy to recommend one of the solutions we supply and install.

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